IN FROM THE COLD - "2008-2013, Five Years of Smoke, Dirt & Devil's Piss" - FULL ALBUM

00:00 2 Live 4 (live2013)
09:07 From Within & With Many Names (V.A. Eastern Doomination 2010.)
14:50 Peace In Mississippi (Hendrix) (live2012)
18:15 Sista Bottle, Brotha Bong (live2012)
21:43 News From The Sewers (live2013)
25:23 The Prime (V.A. Message From the Other Side 2010.)
31:51 Vracam se Dole (Bjesovi) (live2013)
34:25 The Shadow (live2011)
39:50 Firewater Ritual (live2012)
47:33 ...And The Colours Fade (live2011)
52:28 Chtulhu Fhtagn (live2012)
56:26 Cuts Of The Damned (live2011)
1:00:47 How Far Is The Sun? (live2012)
1:05:45 Anxiety Fix (demo2008)
1:08:54 Rainy Days (demo2009)

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Cool sound! Do you have any more recent work?
6 years ago
Grinding vomit of a sound! Love it!
6 years ago